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Wednesday, July 3, 2013

High tide pickers

I still see that a majority of beach hunters are using the outdated two hours before low tide theory of the best time to go beach hunting passed around on the internet metal detecting forums. 
You can actually tell the tide times on most beaches by the amount of beach and water hunters that show up at the same time, two hours before low tide. 
If you are a smart beach hunter, you can find gold and silver while the keyboard beach hunting experts are busy waiting for the "best time" to go beach hunting. 
Two high tides every day give you a chance to find easy shallow targets washed up along with the sand, seaweed and shells.  
Just like beachcombers looking for shells, you can often walk along the high tide line and be rewarded with a cool find fresh from the ocean. 
Let the guys obsessed with having the deepest metal detector with the largest search coil wait around for low tide,  while you search for the easy gold and silver within the first two or three inches.
Sometimes gold and silver is just laying in the high tide line waiting to be picked up.
I bent down and picked this nice piece of Spanish 1715 fleet silver plate off the beach at high tide several years ago.  

Of course there were no other beach hunter in sight because they were probably still at home reading the local Treasure Coast blog and waiting for someone to tell them when to go beach hunting. 
I rescued this gold turtle ring with rubies on a tourist beach high tide line, this type of unusual shaped jewelry can often be found in the high tide line. 

Odd shaped jewelry and designer sunglasses become snagged and tangled in seaweed and wash up on the high tide. 
Many beach hunters avoid high tide lines because of the high amount of bottle caps and pull tabs on trashy beach sites.
As these photos show, if you have the high tide line all to yourself you can take the time to dig a few extra trash finds and pick up any easy targets using your twin optical scanners. 

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