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Thursday, June 6, 2013

The Drayton two step

Have you ever noticed when several beach or water hunters are in the same area, they spend more time checking each other out than concentrating on their own treasure hunting. 
When you know that you have thrown another hunter off just by being there, you can use it to your advantage on heavily hunted beaches or stretches of water.
The most productive areas for gold jewelry are often the most heavily searched areas on popular tourist beaches, for good reason! 
When I want to search where another beach or water hunter is already searching, I always try to trick them into moving. 
The more the other hunter is watching you, the easier it is to trick them into moving. 
Try scooping several imaginary targets on the beach or in the water, pretend that you are looking at something good before putting the fake find away.
Do this several more times until you really know that you have the other person hooked.
I sometimes help to sell the trick by letting out a loud YES! 
Walk away from the area and past the other hunter but do not dig anything, even if you get a signal. 
Nine times out of ten the other person will move towards the pretend hot spot,  that is your cue to go directly to the good area that has now been given up by the person you just hooked. 
A savvy beach or shallow water hunter should never be thrown off their game, always be confident of your own treasure hunting abilities.
Make a point of not rushing around and letting other beach or water hunters get into your head.
Concentrate on what you can find, not what you think you are missing out on because other treasure hunters are in the area.
This heavy 14K gold bracelet was a "dancing trophy" found a couple of years ago after using the Drayton two step on a couple of local water hunters, lets dance!!! 

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