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Friday, June 7, 2013

Protecting your favorite sites.

Ever heard the expression "Good treasure hunters make great finds and great treasure hunters find nothing"  With the increase in "buddy hunters" and groups of three or four people treasure hunting together, it is even more important to protect your favorite treasure hunting spots.
I have always been a lone wolf treasure hunter, preferring to keep my productive sites and the finds they potentially hold all to myself. 
You only have a 50% chance of finding treasure when you hunt as a pair, your finds percentages go down to 33% when you go out treasure hunting with three people, not to mention your hunting buddies know where you are finding treasure. 
Some of my best metal detecting sites are still producing to this day, because I still manage to keep their location a secret. 
Although this gold jewelry is not as impressive as some of my jewelry finds, it speaks volumes for my lone wolf beach hunting strategy. 

Every few years this remote site opens up and the gold jewelry flows out, over 100 pieces of gold jewelry after three different storms helped to erode the beach.
I doubt anyone else knows about this special hot spot, as I have never seen another beach hunter there and I intend to keep it that way. 
It is not only other beach and water hunters you have to avoid loose talk of recent finds and treasure spots to. 
Chatting to that person walking along the beach who asks you if you have found anything could come back to bite you, if you are not careful.
This is important when there are other people metal detecting on the same beach.
Many times while beach hunting I have had complete strangers telling me all about other beach hunters finds. 
I have been in the water and seen other water hunters happily showing complete strangers jewelry finds. 
My scripted response to other beach and water hunters is always a firm "No, I have not found a thing"
It is the same response I give to any other stranger who inquires if I have had any luck.
Once you give away any site you have success at, the site is gone forever because information is king in the hobby of treasure hunting. 
Finding a nice piece of gold jewelry or an old coin is a fantastic feeling that I hope every treasure hunter can enjoy.
A warm fuzzy feeling that you can enjoy over and over again at the same sites, if you do not create your own competition. 

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