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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Old gold and changing tactics

Make sure you never "cherry pick" targets if you are lucky enough to search beaches where you have a chance of finding old finds.
I rarely come across two beaches that I use the same treasure hunting tactics and settings on. 
Sometimes I reverse hunt and switch to using an all metal mode on the same beach, especially when there is an older section away from the main beach.
On my CTX 3030 I have eight different custom presets with control settings and options made to suit eight of my favorite beaches. 
I make my final adjustments to my presets after arriving at the beach and do my final metal detector tuning after I have begun searching the area. 
This all helps to prevent missing old targets by using too much discrimination or running the sensitivity too safe.
It is quite surprising some of the old finds you can discover on beaches associated more with tourists and sunbathers. 
I search one beach that has both a Spanish and a French shipwreck from the 1700s, only a few hundred yards down from a beachside parking lot popular with local fishermen. 
This ornate piece of unmarked 22K gold was found a few weeks ago in the same area that I have found many other artifacts from the two shipwrecks. 

As you would expect, I use very little discrimination or iron mask on this Treasure Coast hot spot.
Control settings and options geared towards depth instead of target separation are far more important.
On beaches with a little history, it is better to a little extra digging than run the risk of missing old gold and silver.
On the Sunday I found this chunk of old gold, the local bloggers were in agreement that the conditions were poor for finding treasure.
Not being the type to rely on other peoples beach ratings, I used a different approach from my normal discrimination mode to combat the slightly sanded in conditions. 
An all metal treasure hunting tactic that other beach hunters may not have used only a short distance away in search of more modern finds. 

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