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Thursday, June 27, 2013

Keep moving

Try to move around as much as possible, avoid going back to the same beach over and over again just because you made a good find there in the past. 
You can always tell a beach or shallow water hunter that moves around a lot, by the variety of their finds.
People who specialize in finding one type of find, such as old silver coins or gold rings often go back to their comfort zone of a beach they are familiar with.  
Weekend warriors often make this mistake, taking the easy approach of following the detecting crowd to the same beach every Saturday or Sunday morning.
Searching the same beach day after day in the hope of finding another old silver coin is like waking up in the movie Groundhog Day. 
This kind of narrow thinking leads to a lack of variety in your metal detecting finds.
I love searching for Spanish silver reales on shipwreck beaches in Florida, I know the beaches that produce them but I never go back day after day regardless of the conditions. 
I make my Spanish treasure coin hunting a part of my bigger beach and shallow water treasure hunting plan, searching a variety of beaches leads to a variety of metal detecting finds.
If you want to make good finds on a regular basis, you are going to have to stalk and chase those good metal detecting finds down.
I firmly believe that you will find this a better beach and water hunting strategy than waiting for treasure to show up on the same beach every day. 

These three gold chains were found on three different beaches, two of the gold chains were found on beaches that are not detected as often as larger tourist beaches in the area. 
As you can see by this photo, moving around is a good gold jewelry hunting strategy. 
Its tempting to go back to the same beach when you find something, even more tempting when you find something else.  
Before you know it, you are like a gambler playing the slot machines feeding money into the slots because you got a little payout.
Just like the slot machines, beaches that do not pay out very often are best left for small time gamblers.
Play to win on several beaches, where there is not always a beach hunter waiting for a different result every day. 

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