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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

How to read the beach and water.

When people ask me how I am able to find treasure on a regular basis on some of the most heavily hunted beaches in the world, my answer is simple. 
I combine my basic metal detecting techniques with my beach and water reading skills to out hustle the competition for metal detecting finds. 
Hard work, determination and using your metal detector correctly will greatly increase your finds, but make no mistake, beach and water reading skills are very important. 
No amount of pounding the beach and water will work if you do not know how to put yourself in position to find treasure. 
Reading the beach and shallow water is a treasure hunting art form by itself.  
I remember back in the old days seeing veteran beach hunters walking onto beaches, looking around on the lower beach and walking straight off. 
It took me many years to figure out why those old timers took a pass while I wasted my time searching sanded in conditions. 
Now I am the wily beach hunter that surveys the lower beach, knowing what to look for before getting my search coil wet. 
Today I am proud to announce the upcoming release of my latest beach and shallow water metal detecting book, aptly called "How To Read The Beach And Water."

90 pages of beach and shallow water reading advice, including my personal detecting techniques and tips for searching prime beach and shallow water hunting situations. 
I will be putting more information on my website and Facebook page in a couple of days. 
Whether you are a beach or shallow water hunter, you need to be able to recognize and know how to take advantage of prime treasure hunting situations and hot spots. 
A combination of a prime beach hunting situation on an old hot spot of mine, rewarded me with 50 pieces of gold jewelry in a 22 day span towards the end of last year.

These gold jewelry finds were just a few of the 6.5 ounces of scrap gold found last November.
Never under estimate the importance of beach and shallow water reading skills, the more you know the less you have to rely on luck. 

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