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Saturday, January 6, 2018

Return on investment

This weekend is no different to any other weekend, I am planning to go beach or water hunting at the place I consider to have the best return on investment.
In other words, where am I likely to recover what I am searching within the time I have to spend at the beach with a metal detector in my hand.
If you have reasons to go to a particular site you have a better chance of recovering what you are searching for than a person who just goes to a site without knowing why.
Reasons to search a site may include weather effecting an area, crowded beaches or even just a hunch, whatever it is having return on investment in mind is always good. 
Beach conditions usually have the most effect on a beach or water hunt, assuming you know what you are doing with a metal detector and use good search techniques. 
The more types of beach conditions you know how to search the more likely you are to recover something good within your allotted metal detecting time.
Sanded-in beaches and rough surf only mean you have to adapt to the situation, the reason why it is important not to be just one thing, a water hunter, wet sander or dry sander. 
You could say being a versatile beach hunter is a good return on the investment of learning how to search a variety of different sites.
Travel time also effects your return on investment, as in how long are you spending traveling to beaches.
I know many people who spend several hours driving to beaches they consider to better than their local beaches every time they go beach or water hunting.
Believe me, you will always find more at a beach using a metal detector than you will spending hours behind a steering wheel.
Lastly but not least, lets not forget about the very first investment you make in the hobby.
The metal detector you use has to be able to detect what you are searching for at the places you are going to be searching, the reason doing your homework on metal detectors is very important. 
I am big into getting return on investment in metal detecting, which is why I hardly ever show up at a site hoping to get lucky, I always have several good reasons to be there. 
I like to quote Benjamin Franklin on the inside cover of my books, an investment in knowledge always pays the best interest, it certainly does in beach hunting. 

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