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Sunday, January 7, 2018

Put yourself back in the day

When searching for old coins and artifacts at the beach, I always try to put myself back in the day by imagining what I would have done and where I would have gone.
On Oak Island I tried to do the same thing, trying to imagine what the island would have looked like and what I would have done back in the day.
Obviously when you go to an island a few hundred years ago it was by boat not driving across a man made causeway. 
Getting on an off a small tender type boat would have been difficult along a rocky shoreline, a rocking boat, slippery rocks and seaweed would have led to pocket coin spills and the possibility of other drops. 
Perhaps weapons, buttons, buckles, jewelry or anything else a person could lose landing on or leaving from an island.
This whole scenario makes metal detecting on beaches a great way to find old coins and artifacts.
Once ashore the first thing you do is head to high ground and take a look around, especially back in the day dealing with inquisitive or hostile natives, not to mention hostile foreigners if you are from across the seas.
Answering the call of nature is an obvious thing to do away from the beach admiring a view, pass the triple ply bathroom tissue and a newspaper please.
This puts hillsides and the highest points of a coastline in play for lost old coins and artifacts, from people sitting down admiring the views or from dropping pants answering the call of nature. 
Buttons, buckles and coins are often recovered on hillsides overlooking rivers and beaches.
If you are staying overnight back in the day you can forget about ordering a double bed, you find a high and dry spot and light a fire.
That camp site is now an awesome place to detect and recover old coins and artifacts, if you are lucky enough to find a camp site.
If you like the island back in the day, perhaps you establish a regular crossing point which is another great place to recover old coins and artifacts today.
If you look at a map you can easily figure out where the closest crossing points to and from the mainland would have been back in the day.
In closing, detecting and recovering old coins and artifacts along rivers, on islands and at shipwreck beaches is easier when you put yourself back in the day.

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