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Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Been there

I love trying my luck at out of the way beaches, places you would not expect to find anything but when you do you know darn well you are the only person who knows about that spot.
A few years ago on Oak Island Nova Scotia I took a photo of this rock out in the middle of nowhere special, but back in August 1897 Mr, Mrs or Ms R W Evans from Chester thought this beach was a good place to leave a mark. 

Every year on my walkabouts I recover really nice finds on beaches you would never expect to find anything at, mainly because I do not just go to the same sites every time I go beach or water hunting. 
I do not want to only search sites others have discovered stuff, I want to discover my own sites.
I believe known sites hold you back as a beach treasure hunter, especially if you are searching for old coins and artifacts which I am passionate about doing. 
Sure you get skunked trying new beaches or areas off the beaten track and sometimes go hours between signals, but to be successful in the long run you have to put the hunt in treasure hunt right?
There are plenty of advantages to going against the beach hunting flow, including eventually having many more known productive sites than the competition and recovering a wider variety of finds.
Known productive sites are the answer to sanded-in conditions, if you have enough sites you always have somewhere open for business when you know how different conditions effect different beaches.
Search the same beach all the time, expect long waits between good times. 
I could post photos and reports of the same beach and tell you when to expect the conditions at that stretch of coastline to improve, but I do not run with the pack because the outlook and view from the front is better. 
Expand your beach hunting horizons when trying to sniff out old and modern finds, you can be sure someone used that beach or area back in the day.
In my opinion, the best treasures are waiting for the beach or water hunter who is willing to search outside the beach hunting box.

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