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Tuesday, January 2, 2018

A new years day tale of heavily hunted beaches

Early on new years day I scouted a couple of tourist type beaches out before getting suited and booted to search for gold jewelry. 
After feeding the hungry parking meter at the first beach I visited, I sat on the beach for fifteen minutes watching three people water hunting, two people wet sanding and four people metal detecting in the dry sand. 
That is nine people using metal detectors at eight o'clock in the morning at one tourist beach, no doubt other people had already been metal detecting earlier and would have followed later. 
Checking out a smaller tourist beach a couple of miles down the road, I saw two people in the water and five people on the beach using metal detectors.
If you are keeping count, that makes sixteen metal detectors being used early in the morning at two local tourist beaches. 
I drove back to the first site for a couple of hours beach and water hunting, even though more people were already searching the beach including another person who had joined the metal detecting crowd.
The reasons I fancied my jewelry hunting chances, shiny new metal detectors, sloppy and erratic ground coverage, box hunting and raised search coils swung like golf clubs.
Perhaps some people may have seen all the people metal detecting and decided to take a pass on the first beach, but I saw opportunities.
Here is why, people with new metal detectors are often newbies and rarely have them set up correctly. 
People constantly meandering from the dry sand to inside the water and all points in between, obviously cannot read a beach and do not know the best potential sites to search.
It should not take you long to see the best looking sites to search when you know how to read a beach.
A couple of full time guys I recognized are "Box hunters" who only search in the water opposite one or two places every time I see them, every heavily hunted beach has box hunters. 
Search outside the boxes the full timers grid every time they search the same site and you are golden, as I was yesterday!
Covering the beach at a brisk pace swinging a search coil like a four iron, enough said. 
Try to look past other people already searching a beach, where are your opportunities?
How can you use what you know about other people metal detecting at a site and yourself to recover what you are searching for.
Some beaches are just heavily populated by people metal detecting, not over hunted or hunted out.

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