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Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Got beach hunting competition ?

I don't think so, the only real competition you should ever have at the beach is yourself as you try recovering more stuff every year. 
Don't let the lack of bling being posted fool you, I'm still getting my fair share of loot from heavily hunted beaches which I will start showing soon.
Late last year I decided to stop posting recently recovered jewelry as I was getting followed around to jobs, my kids school and dance studio and even the local ice rink. 
Not sure if my vehicle was tagged with a tracking device, but last year two guys always showed up at the same beach I was searching not long after I started hunting, too wide of a variety of beaches over several weeks to be a coincidence. 
The easy solution was to stop posting recently recovered finds and become even stealthier than I used to be.
Before I came out of the shadows and released beach and water hunting related books, I did some pretty funny things to avoid being detected. 
Once I started writing beach and water hunting related books and posting finds, I was on everyone's radar which is understandable as it comes with the territory.
A few months time delay from finding to showing stuff, should take care of lazy people who would rather track me around instead of tracking down their own sites and enjoying the thrill of recovering finds they contain. 
Today's blog about serious competition is an ideal way of announcing my latest beach and water hunting related book release. 
Aptly titled " A guide to searching heavily hunted beaches" it deals with metal detecting at heavily hunted sites.

I lay out the beach and water hunting techniques and tricks I use to kick butt at heavily hunted beaches, while the competition stop and chat to each other about sanded-in conditions and not finding anything.
Last year as a weekend warrior, I recovered over a pound of gold and two ounces of platinum at the beach and didn't even bother to keep track of the silver.
I got my fair share of shiny stuff at tourist beaches and this year is no different, living up to the " Metal detecting ninja" monicker.
If you deal with stiff competition for finds at your local beaches, my latest book is sure to be of use.
Available on my website at
In my opinion beach or water hunting competition is a healthy thing, it keeps you on your toes and helps you to find more creative ways of recovering what everyone is searching for at the beach.

I often get accused of owning a jewelry so its confession time, my jewelry store is located at the nearest beach in town!

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