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Friday, March 31, 2017

Level beach hunting

Beach hunting is often a game on inches, unfortunately you never know how close you came to detecting a find of a lifetime. 
This is the reason why I always try to insure I sweep my search coil slow and low and just as importantly level.
I often see people using metal detectors with search coils tilted up at the front, which can certainly cause you to miss targets and walk straight over a find of a lifetime.
One metal detector I see people using at the beach, has a search coil that connects to the lower shaft at the rear of the search coil.
Swingers of this type of metal detector should always be aware of tilting or floppy search coils.
A search coil that is tilted a few inches up at the front, means you are missing any deeper targets by a few inches at the front of each sweep of your search coil.
If you use a large rear mounted search coil, you are getting max depth at the back of the coil but progressively less depth towards the front of the search coil.
The Minelab metal detectors I use, don't have a lower shaft / rear of the search coil attachment, so I don't have to worry about the front of my search coils tilting up.
Although, I do make a point of always making sure my search coils are level and not floppy, by having a nice tight search coil nylon bolt / nut connection.
Nylon search coil bolts do wear out when your a sand scrubber like me, so it's good to keep an eye on the search coil locking nut and bolt, also the rubber washers that are inside search coil ears. 
Beach and water hunters should make a point of making sure their search coils are level after hitting sand or rocks,  and especially after recovering targets as people have a tendency to lean on their metal detectors when scooping targets. 
I always make sure my search coil is level during beach or water hunts, do you ? 
Miss a valuable target by an inch, miss by a mile, unless you remember to always check and keep your search coil level during beach or water hunts.

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