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Friday, January 27, 2017

This weekend keep it simple

I am sure like me, many weekend warriors are chomping at the bit to go beach or water hunting. 
Sunday will be my day to add to the scrap or jewelry box pile, I will go to the beach and more than likely recover gold or silver.
I have a couple of sites in mind and I will narrow it down and do three easy things to increase my chances of returning home with jewelry.

1. Site selection

I do not have to worry about competition because I choose my sites wisely, the main beach everyone with a metal detector heads to is not the site I will be searching.
Heavily hunted beaches are the last places you should head to if you want to go home with gold.
Why settle for sloppy seconds when you can have it all!  
Keep it simple by avoiding heavily hunted sites when you have a limited amount of beach or water hunting time.

2. Use your old faithful

I will keep things simple by using one of my trusty Minelabs,  metal detectors I have used for years.

I prefer using versatile metal detectors that can be used in a wide variety of situations on the beach or inside the water, metal detectors you don't have to dumb down or worry about using in a saltwater environment. 
Keep it simple by arriving a site you believe has potential using equipment you are comfortable and confident using. 
If you have to adjust your search to suit the metal detector you use, you are already at a disadvantage. 

3. Stay put

A phrase you will rarely see in one of my finds stories is "And at the next site" because it rarely happens.
For example, if I go for a two, three or four hour beach or water hunt I like to hammer the main site I have chosen to search.  
The more you move around the more time you waste traveling instead of detecting targets, that includes walking long distances at the beach between sites.
Keep it simple by narrowing your search, from experience I have found one good slow methodical search of an area is better than whiffing over several areas quickly.

See how simple beach hunting can be when you do not join the metal detecting crowds, wonder if you are using the right metal detector for the job and think the grass is greener somewhere else.

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