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Thursday, January 19, 2017

Let the beach do the hard work

Gold is often difficult to detect at the beach, but not if you let the beach help you.
There are always plenty of places at the beach to search if you know where to look, this photo is a great example.

Some people may see the gold jewelry, Coiltek search coil I was using, or the lovely ocean view, but the rocks are one of the interesting parts of this blog photo. 
What you are looking at is a natural jewelry trap at the beach, an area lost jewelry or coins cannot escape past, especially when I am in the area using a metal detector. 
The natural barrier on the beach prevents jewelry and coins from washing higher up on the beach. 
There is another clue to a jewelry trap in the photo, but I bet you did not see it. 
The breaking surf over the shallow sand bar gives you two areas to search between, anything lost between these two natural traps is easy pickings to an experienced beach and water hunter.
You can even see a low area between the two barriers, now you know what I see when I come across a good looking jewelry hunting opportunity.
Many beach hunters work too hard, by walking miles at the beach hoping to get lucky stumbling across a piece of gold.
prefer the beach to do the hard part, by getting it ready for me to plunder.
Anytime you see two natural jewelry or coins traps like these, stick around and hammer them hard.
The end of the sandy beach conveyor belt I often talk about, is always easy to find when you see where the good stuff is being dumped because it can go no further. 

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