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Monday, August 22, 2016

Careful where you dump on the beach

Yes I know Im a big kid with the blog heading lol but seriously here is a useful tip when dumping sand out of your scoop basket at the beach. 
Always make sure you sweep over any area you intend dumping a scoop full of sand, just in case you drop a nice piece of jewelry or a coin on top of a large lump of iron buried in the sand.
Your metal detector will null over the large clump of iron making it impossible to detect the jewelry or coin. 
An easy way to combat this problem is checking any area you dump sand over, but if it happens to you the only thing you can do is push sand away from the area until you can detect the good target again. 
I wonder how many people have walked away from a good target they could not detect again, after dumping sand on top of a large piece of iron. 
This is why I always check areas at the beach where I see obvious signs of digging by another beach or water hunter.  
Some people with poor pinpointing skills get frustrated, give up and walk away from good targets.
Good targets like this 18K gold rope chain with diamond cross, recovered on the side of a big wide hole another beach hunter had walked away from. 


Many newbies are now swinging extra large search coils, without learning how to pinpoint targets using a smaller standard size metal detector search coil.
The smaller the dug target, the more difficult it is to detect if the dug target is dropped onto sand covering other metal objects. 
You may also make the mistake of recovering a coin that was not the target you dug, and walk away leaving the initial object you dropped in the area behind. 
Old habits serve me well, I always check areas before dumping sand and then recheck the dug hole and the dump area.
Just like I always check for more targets in my scoop basket, I have found a gold ring and a penny in my scoop basket on several occasions.

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