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Friday, May 6, 2016

Weekend beach hunting tip

So far this year I have spent the majority of my beach hunting time searching over the weekend, that happens when you run a small business, and have a wife and two ankle snappers.
I am not complaining, far from it and the amount of gold I have found is actually higher than this time last year. 
This week I have seen photos of some really nice finds recovered by people lucky enough to hammer beaches through the week.
Its not like I need any incentive to get myself to the beach this weekend, but driving home from work today I thought about how beaches in my area are heavily hunted every day and how I will approach going for sloppy seconds. 
My main weekend warrior strategy this year has been to go for target depth, as I know the full time beach and water hunters in my area have probably skimmed the easy to detect shallow finds.
A lack of shallow targets should not represent a problem to a capable beach or water hunter using sound search techniques and a good metal detector.
If you are in the same boat as me, go for target depth over the weekend as the majority of full time beach hunters are used to covering large swathes of the beach everyday.
You can make your weekend metal detecting time count, by searching known jewelry producing sites slowly using a large search coil on a VLF metal detector or use a pulse induction metal detector.
The lack of easy to detect shallow targets may actually do you a favor over the weekend on heavily hunted beaches. 
Never look at a lack of targets as a bad sign at a busy beach,  use your beach smarts to try winkle out the harder to detect deep targets. 
Large search coils on VLF metal detectors and pulse induction metal detectors shine in these type of areas.
There is always a way to find gold, even at the most heavily hunted beach and it often involves doing the exact opposite to the majority of beach or water hunters.
The 4 plus ounces of gold in this photo was found over three weekend beach and water hunts, consisting of a total of eight hours metal detecting at two very heavily hunted beaches. 

Big gold not caught by midweek skimmers, sinks deeper every tide cycle, but it can be detected if you gear up towards target depth. 

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