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Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Using a pin-pointer at the beach

Roger from Belgium asks if I ever use a pin-pointer at the beach and the answer is yes all the time. 
I have a pin-pointer designed for land use and a waterproof pin-pointer that is the cats meow on the lower beach and inside the water.
The faster you can locate a potentially valuable target and get it in your finds pouch the better. 
I am also a firm believer that you should always strive to be an efficient treasure hunter by using your metal detecting time wisely, including target recovery time. 
Anything that helps you go onto the next target faster is a good thing. 
I see many beach or water hunters struggling to pinpoint and recover targets at the beach. 
Using a pin-pointer on the beach is one way you can spend more time detecting targets instead of struggling to locate targets you already detected. 
Less is often more in beach and water hunting, from shorter more thorough jewelry hunts, to small coils and pin-pointers, all things that help you detect more valuable targets in less time. 
 A waterproof pin-pointer can be a great asset along rocky shorelines, where digging targets with a long handled scoop is difficult.  It also saves time when bobbing and fanning targets in the water. As Jax the stray cat says 
"Pinpoint me if you dare " ! 

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