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Thursday, January 28, 2016

Minelab CTX 3030 search coil question

Simon in Jolly old England asks what is the best search coil for his CTX 3030. 
In my opinion, the search coil that comes with any metal detector is always the best search coil to use. From past experiences I have found the coil that came with a metal detector always has the best combination of two things that matter the most to a beach hunter, target depth and sensitivity to small targets.
One of those important things is useless without the other, when it comes to search coils.
If I had to choose a good alternative to the 11-inch search coil on the CTX 3030 I would have to say the Coiltek 10 X 5-inch elliptical coil delivers.  The elliptical shape also makes it an ideal coil to use searching a cut on the beach. 
I have had a lot of really nice gold chains fall to the 10 X 5 Joey coil.
Maybe just a coincidence, but I believe the way a smaller coil makes you cover ground slower has something to do with an increase in the amount of jewelry and coins I recover using a smaller search coil.
Saying that, I still prefer the 11 inch smart coil over the other search coil options for the CTX 3030.
It is always best to learn the nuances of a metal detector with the stock coil  before adding extra coils.
Always buy an accessory search coil because you have an area it will better suited to search, or you are searching for a specific target and the coil you want to buy will help detect it better. 
Good luck with your new CTX 3030 Simon. 

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