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Saturday, January 2, 2016

Question How do you choose which detector to use on a particular day?

Champ F wants to know how I decide what metal detector to use and here is how I usually decide.
I have several different VLF and Pulse induction metal detectors, and I normally grab one or two VLFs when I am not sure what conditions to expect at the beach.
To be honest, I usually know what to expect because I constantly check beach cams and the weather forecast. 
Even though I like to be prepared, the weather is often not the major thing that influences my beach or water hunting plans. 
I prefer to leave the house with two metal detectors, one with a small search coil and the other with a larger search coil.
For example, an Excalibur with an 8 inch search coil and an Excalibur with a 15 inch search coil,or my CTX 3030 and two different size search coils.
Obviously it is easier just to take one metal detector with another search coil option, if you have a metal detector that allows you to change search coils. 
The advantage of taking two different metal detectors is being able to continue searching if one breaks down. 
Believe me, it always happens when you have an excellent beach or water hunting situation in front of you.
That reason is why I prefer to take two metal detectors to the beach, just in case as I never want to get caught short again.
My allotted metal detecting time often has more to do with the metal detector I choose than the weather forecast or tide times. 
Recently I have been a weekend warrior, so having the option of using discrimination on my VLF metal detectors helps me to maximize my good target digging time on tourist beaches. 
Many people who own and use more than one metal detector, usually have a different type of metal detector as their back up or second metal detector. 
Having options, back up metal detector or spare search coil, helps you to be a more versatile beach treasure hunter. 


  1. Hello Gary ,could you explain in more detail how you go about detecting the high tide mark?

  2. Hi Tony,
    Thank you for the comment, I will publish your question and my reply on Friday.