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Wednesday, December 30, 2015

My beach and water hunting new years resolution

I always have the same outlook when the new year arrives, I am going to move forward and see what else I can cross off my treasure hunting bucket list. 
This year was not too bad for jewelry hunting at the beach, as I found over a pound of gold and spent waaay less time than last year metal detecting. 
Beach and water treasure hunting is my hobby, but I am just as lucky away from the beach having a thriving business, a super wife and two beautiful young daughters to keep me busy. 
I take my beach and water hunting time when I can get it, which is why my new years treasure hunting resolution is always the same. 
Find a way to recover more jewelry and coins in less time, which usually involves changing tactics in the new year and trying new equipment and techniques. 
I make it my new years mission to mix things up and be more creative as a beach and water hunter. 
Striving to find more valuable targets in less time also involves mastering site selection, knowing where and just as importantly when to hunt.
The when to hunt is easy, anytime you feel like going to the beach is the best time to find jewelry or coins.
A wide variety of beach and water hunting sites is a must, if you want to find valuable targets on a regular basis in a shorter amount of time.
There is no site selection without a selection of sites to go metal detecting.
The full timers who have to spend all day at the beach to find something good, probably have to put long hours in because they search the same site or sites all the time.
Little things often make a huge difference when beach or water hunting, especially as you are sweeping a round coil with an average size of 10 inches over a large beach or in a wide open stretch of water.  
Targets could be big or small, shallow or deep, or not there at all no matter how many hours you spend searching. 
So why would you not want to mix things up, try searching a little differently or expand your search horizons. 
In the new year I am looking forward to testing and using different equipment and trying some different search techniques I have been working on. 
Yes this old dog does learn new tricks and hopefully they will help me to find more valuable targets in my allotted beach and water hunting time.  
Heres my favorite save from the summer of 2015, a $13.000.00 1.9 carat diamond ring. 


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