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Monday, October 19, 2015

Sloppy seconds on a tourist beach.

Here in Florida, you are rarely the first one to hit a tourist beach after erosion has taken place.
That does not mean you cannot find gold following behind other beach hunters, as I did yesterday morning.
The tourist beach I went to search had a 4 to 5 foot cut running for several hundred yards, even before sunrise the beach had drag marks let behind in the sand by other beach hunters dragging long handled beach scoops.
Unfortunately, I spend a considerable amount of my two hours metal detecting filling holes left behind by sloppy beach hunters.
Why anyone would dig a hole on a popular beach and not fill it in is beyond me.
At first light I saw evidence of a coin line in another beach hunters search pattern,  so I slowly searched along the line of dug holes.
As expected, all the shallow targets had already been detected, but I detected plenty of deep targets using a 15 inch search coil.
One of those targets was a heavy 14K white gold wedding band, one of several pieces of jewelry I recovered in the area.

When you know you are not going to be one of the first people searching an area after beach erosion, your best chance of detecting something good is to go for the harder to detect targets.
Those targets are usually small gold or deep gold, left behind by the majority of beach hunters.
You are only going to detect small gold and deep gold by slowly and methodically hammering an area.
Shallow gold takes just as much beach hunting skill to detect as deep gold, that is why it is always possible to find small gold at even the most heavily hunted tourist beach. 
I only found small silver and junk jewelry in this area, which is a good sign as it is easier to detect than small gold, if any small gold was in the area I am sure I would have detected it.
Heavy competition on eroded tourist beaches should bring out the best in a beach hunter, heavy competition should never be an excuse for not detecting anything. 
If you work hard and detect smart, there is always something good to be found at any heavily hunted tourist beach.

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