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Thursday, October 22, 2015

Avoid jewelry hunting speed traps

Continuing on from my last blog regarding eroded tourist beaches, here are a couple of water hunting finds that would put a smile on any beach or water hunters face. 
I recovered these rings at two different beaches, back in 2007 and 2012, both beaches were very trashy sites. 

The antique 18K jade ring with two mine cut diamonds was in an area with a late 1800s wreck offshore, there is a very good chance this beauty came off that ship. 
This site has a lot of small iron on the beach and in the shallow water, you have to keep your sweep speed down to a turtles right hook and use a small search coil to hear good targets between the iron. 
Target recovery speed is the name of the game at this beach, giving yourself the chance to detect a good target after your search coil has moved over a piece of iron. 
The 18K ladies ring with 2.5 carat oval emerald was found at a popular local tourist beach, this ring was also recovered thanks to using my ultra slow sweep speed and "Excalibur wiggle" to coax good targets out of a trashy site.
Some of the best pieces of jewelry I have found beach and water hunting, I earned the hard way.
Patiently turtling around in trashy areas, relying on detecting targets other beach and water hunters have little chance of hearing swinging their metal detectors like a five iron. 
Try to remember when using a VLF metal detector with an audible threshold and even a minimum amount of iron mask,  you are not detecting any good targets until your threshold (Back ground noise) kicks back in. 
I use my metal detector threshold to keep me honest at trashy speed traps, not daring to move until my metal detector threshold is audible. 
If you are moving on from trashy tourist sites because you cannot hear anything through the sea of trash, you are probably moving away from gold. 
A good VLF metal detector will tell you when it detects a good target, it will also tell you to slow down if you listen to your threshold.
Jewelry hunting at trashy beach sites is about using your metal detector threshold to avoid  sweep speed traps. 

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