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Tuesday, September 8, 2015

The jewelry to coins recovery ratio.

Recently I have had several beach and shallow water hunters contact me for advice, wanting to know why they have no problem finding coins but struggle to detect jewelry. 
They point to their equipment and ask if changing metal detectors or search coils will make a difference. 
Before changing metal detectors or search coils, I advise a change of search technique or timing if you struggle to detect jewelry. 
Coins being flat discs are easier to detect at the beach than jewelry, which is often made of several different alloys and comes in all shapes and sizes.
There are also many more coins lost at the beach than pieces of jewelry lost at the beach. 
On beaches in less populated areas, the gap between lost coins and jewelry may be even wider. 
Sometimes jewelry is just not there to find, and no metal detector or search coil will make a difference. 
At tourist beaches you should not have a problem finding jewelry, no matter how heavily hunted the beach is, or what metal detector and search coil you use. 
If you are struggling to detect jewelry at a tourist beach, you need to look into your metal detecting technique first, or the times you go metal detecting. 
In my opinion, technique and timing are the big two solutions to balancing out the jewelry to coins ratio. 
Where there are coins, you can find jewelry if you slow down and methodically search the area. 
A level search coil swept slowly just on or slightly above the sand will detect jewelry, especially if you overlap the area you just swept over by half. 
Over lapping search coil sweeps,  automatically forces you to slow down which improves your jewelry hunting chances. 
As far as timing, the best time to go beach or water hunting is anytime you feel like it. 
Far too many beach and water hunters tilt the coin / jewelry scale towards the side of coins by spending too much time clock watching.
For example, waiting until low tide, only jewelry hunting on certain days, or waiting for more favorable beach conditions. 
Try to think of your metal detector as just a tool or machine to find jewelry at the beach. 
Like any tool or machine you want to become an expert at using, you have to use it appropriately and often to become an expert. 
When I am on a job painting my customers say I make it look easy, when I am at a beach doing the hobby I love, my competition say I own a jewelry store. 
Is it my paint brushes, rollers, metal detectors and search coils making it look easy, or the crafts of using those tools? 
Your probably always going to find more coins than jewelry at the beach, but you will find jewelry with good timing and search techniques. 

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