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Monday, July 6, 2015

Travelling to beach or water hunt tips

There is nothing worse than traveling to go metal detecting and not being able to take full advantage of the trip. 
Things that can put a damper on a beach or water hunting trip, are battery packs, shafts and recovery tools. 
If you are traveling to detect overseas it pays to have a AA battery pack, if you can use one with your metal detector.  If not, make sure you have the necessary electrical plug for your rechargable metal detector battery pack.  
I use Minelab metal detectors, which are easy to break down or fold up when traveling to go beach or water hunting. 
If you use an Excalibur,  invest in either a chest or hip mount kit, or a travel shaft that can easily be broken down to fit in a suitcase. 
When traveling by air, I put my CTX 3030 shaft in my suitcase and carry the rest of the CTX 3030 in my backpack.  
I also carry a copy of the CTX 3030 (or my book) with me so I can explain to anyone inspecting my backpack what it is. 
A metal detector that fits into a backpack draws less attention to you when you stay at places with private beaches or when visiting ports of call on cruises.  
Walking through a hotel lobby with a metal detector on long straight shaft with an extra large search coil is asking to get questioned. 
When you do get to your destination, you need to be able to recover targets on the beach or in the water.
An aluminum travel scoop does the job, or you can take a stainless steel scoop basket and buy a wooden handle when you get to your destination. 
I like to always be prepared to travel and detect way ahead of time,  my beach and water hunting travel kit is stored away ready to use. 
My travel to beach or water hunt kit, consists of a three piece travel shaft for the Excalibur, AA battery pack, hard sole dive boots, nylon finds pouch, worldwide electrical adapter, spare seals for my CTX 3030 and SDC 2300 and a two piece aluminum travel scoop. 
Always rinse off and store any travel shaft or travel scoop broken down, there is nothing worse than preparing to travel, but finding out your travel shaft or scoop has become locked or seized up.
A couple of other spare parts that can save a detecting trip, are an extra search coil nut and bolt, and arm cuff strap.
Wrap any part of your metal detector put in your suitcase well, especially your main shaft.  
My wife laughs when I pack my suitcase, my clothes are just in the suitcase to protect my metal detecting gear. 
The more prepared you are to travel and metal detect, the easier it is to return home with some great finds. 

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