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Sunday, July 12, 2015

Its not how much beach you cover, its how you cover the beach

I live around some of the most heavily hunted beaches in the US and this morning was no exception.
My last two water hunts total 5 hours and I recovered 6 pieces of gold jewelry and 13 pieces of silver jewelry. 
Sunday morning I recovered two 14K gold bands and an 18K gold band and I saw at least 10 other people metal detecting, in and out of the water. 

There are many big name beaches in south Florida, places you will see loads of people beach and water hunting every day of the year. 
In the water today, just after I placed the third gold ring in my finds pouch I was thinking what little ground I had covered and how much beach the competition had covered. 
Looking up from time to time, I noticed the competition doing a lot of walking but not a lot of scooping.
I was hitting enough targets to keep me anchored in one area, my gold to clad coin ratio was about one piece of gold jewelry for every ten coins recovered. 
Many of the coins were greenies, meaning they had been in the ocean a while, obviously missed several times over on a heavily hunted beach. 
I do not like metal detecting at very heavily hunted beaches, but this beach was on my rotation plan and I had not been there for a while. 
It would have been easier to return to the site I recovered three pieces of gold at on Wednesday, but when I cover a place I cover a place and I would rather move onto the next beach. 
That really is the point of todays blog, covering an area slowly and methodically. 
In my opinion,  the less ground you cover at tourist beaches the better.  Going back to the 10 people I saw metal detecting today, I probably searched slower, covered less ground and dug more targets than the all other guys metal detecting in the water. 
I prefer to put the detecting in metal detecting, otherwise it becomes metal walking.  
Are you detecting and scooping, or walking to some imaginary place you will recover gold because everyone else is searching there. 
Sometimes, the best jewelry hunting spot is the place you decide to stop and search. 

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