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Saturday, May 9, 2015

Think like a beginner and just go to the beach.

Yesterday I made another impressive withdrawal from the beach bank, a ladies 14K gold engagement ring with 11 diamonds and one of those eleven diamonds really stood out. 

I could have easily done what many other beach and shallow water hunters are doing recently because of sanded in conditions, which is stay at home. 
I took a gamble and it paid off, deciding to take advantage of a short window of opportunity to hit the beach and go metal detecting 
Hopefully, anyone reading this blog will be inspired, or motivated to go beach hunting regardless of the tide times or beach conditions.
I like the expression "You never know unless you go" as I often use it to help explain these kinds of beach hunting finds. 
The previous week I told a TV presenter the very same thing to explain my Spanish emerald treasure ring find. 
The expensive diamond ring in the photo was recovered on the beach, so much for the over used jewelry hunting expression "It's all in the water" 
If I only went metal detecting at certain times, only water hunted, or hit the same beach all the time, this superb diamond ring would still be at the beach waiting to be found. 
The shallow water looked more sanded in than the beach, so yesterday I hit the lower beach hoping a combination of pulse induction metal detector depth and prior knowledge of the site would work in my favor. 
Fast forward to today, I spent the majority of today showing a client how to use their CTX 3030 on a tourist beach, 6 hours on a busy south Florida tourist beach without seeing another person metal detecting. 
My explanation for the lack of would be treasure hunters was easy, it was approaching high tide and the beach was pretty sanded in. 
No doubt, if we had still been on the beach two hours before low tide someones treasure hunting alarm would eventually go off telling them it was the right time to go metal detecting.
I gave my client some advice that will hopefully pay off in the future, think like a beginner and go detecting regardless of the time of day or the beach conditions. 
In my opinion, there is no such thing as beginners luck, great finds are made by beginners because they have not become set in their ways, as more experienced beach and water hunter's eventually become over time. 
Beginners go metal detecting any time and any place, beginners often get lucky recovering fantastic finds because they are not set in their ways. 
Nothing beats still having your fair share of beginners luck,  even when you are an experienced beach and water hunter. 

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