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Wednesday, May 13, 2015

The money tide

In my opinion, way too many beach and water hunters are obsessed with the next low tide.
I prefer to hone in on the previous high tide, which I call the "Money tide" as it is often golden to me. 
In the water, the busiest area on the previous high tide is where people probably lost jewelry. 
On the beach, the previous high tide line is where you are more likely to find jewelry washed up on the beach. 
A beach hunter who waits until two hours before low tide before going metal detecting is probably going to ignore the previous high tide line. 
Wet sanders fall into the trap of only searching in the wet sand and completely miss a golden opportunity of recovering shallow targets in the now high and dry previous tide line. 
A water hunter is probably going to walk right over jewelry on the way out to deeper water at low tide. 
This can be a double whammy for a water hunter who goes out metal detecting two hours before low tide and lives by the saying "Its all in the water" as they are prone to missing out on beach and water hunting gold. 
A beach or water hunter should always have an eye towards where the "Money tide" was, previous high tide hot spots for jewelry and coins. 
Get into the habit of looking for the most likely places at the beach you will find jewelry, many of those places are going to be along previous high tide lines. 
On tourist beaches, I try to figure out where people would have used the beach or water over the previous days or weeks.
I take into account the recent beach conditions, but I am more concerned with previous beach conditions. 
If you have a few favorite places you like to hunt, you can check out beach webcams and surf sites and use that recon information to help plan your jewelry hunts, its a great advantage knowing where jewelry was probably lost. 
Beaches change due to the tides, todays crowded area could be tomorrows money tide. 

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