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Saturday, May 2, 2015

The main three things you need to find treasure

The other day I was asked this question by the presenter of a TV show I was taking part in on the Treasure Coast of Florida.
Most people would say a metal detector, scoop, pin pointer etc, but without hesitating I blurted out the first three things that came to mind, the "Three Ps" of treasure hunting.
The three things I believe treasure hunters need more than anything else are patience, persistence and perseverance.
I rank patience, persistence and perseverance ahead of any piece of equipment you may take to the beach to help you find treasure.
It does not matter if you are searching for Spanish treasure, modern jewelry or coins, you will need the three Ps.
The hunt is the hardest part of treasure hunting, you will need a ton of patience, be persistent and have to persevere to continue finding.
Do not let the flashy gold jewelry or Spanish shipwreck artifacts on my finds pages fool you, beach and water hunting is about spending more time hunting than finding.
Spending time checking out different sites and beach conditions, not to mention digging a ton of junk before you actually find something good.
I rarely show my piles of junk finds, the trash that treasure is hiding amongst at the beach or the stuff you have to dig just in case it is something good. 
That junk pile represents the hard work I have to do before the easy part of taking a photo of a nice find.
An experience beach or water hunter can identify a beach site by junk targets, which is the main reason I do not post junk pile photos, I also consider clad coins as junk targets when searching for jewelry.
If you persevere and persistently keep plugging away at the beach with your metal detector, you will  eventually be rewarded with what you are searching for. 
Some people would say I just got lucky walking onto a Treasure Coast beach and recovering a find of a lifetime.
Maybe it was the result of days spent tirelessly searching that same beach, going hours between signals and going the extra step that helped me to recover this magnificent piece of Spanish 1715 fleet history. 

Never forget the most important part of treasure hunting, the hunt in the last word.
Eventually you will be rewarded for your patience, persistence and perseverance.

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