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Thursday, March 5, 2015

Can slaw and foil signals in the water

This photo of half a pound of gold chains is the reason why you never give up on any signal you think may be a piece of aluminum when water hunting. 

Chains can sometimes mimic can slaw during the recover process, by moving around from the first place they were detected. 
When you try to scoop a piece of "Can slaw" in the water, it often flutters to a different location close by, if you do not get it in your scoop basket on the first or second attempt. 
I believe every semi-experienced water hunter has dealt with the frustration of trying to recover a pesky pull tab or piece of foil.
You should never give up on any good sounding target in the water or on the beach. 
Chains sound really good when you are lucky enough to put your search coil over them.
Unfortunately, chains have a bad habit of falling through your scoop basket holes and can make you believe you are chasing can slaw or foil. 
Sometimes, you get lucky and see a chain draped over the edge of your scoop basket, or the chain is balled up in the bottom of your scoop basket. 
Last year I found several large gold chains with pendants that were easy to recover, but quite a few smaller gold chains and bracelets without pendants in the water that took a lot of attempts to successfully recover. 
I am like a dog on a meat wagon when I hear the gold tone with my Minelab CTX 3030 and Excalibur. 
No matter how close another person is standing next to me in the water, or how the rough the surf is I am searching in. 
I am not going to walk away from that signal until I see the target in my hand, because I know how can slaw or pull tabs mimic gold. 
I also never walk away until I am absolutely sure the target in my hand was the only good sounding target, just in case a second target is in the area. 
Never assume you are walking away from a trash target in the water, because the target has moved around since the first time you detected it. 
That target may be a chain or an ear ring that keeps falling through your scoop basket. 
When I run across obvious signs of digging activity in the water at heavily hunted beaches, I even check other peoples holes in the water.
I have found several really nice pieces of gold close to open holes, on the beach and in the water. 

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