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Saturday, March 7, 2015

Bulldozer platinum

Yesterday I decided to hit a beach I had passed earlier in the week on my way to work. 
I had seen a bulldozer moving sand from the mid beach to the lower beach, cleaning up after the city had moved a lifeguard tower. 
I only had a two hour window before work to search the area, but I made the most of my time. 
I searched the dry sand using a moderate amount of discrimination for an hour, recovering a 10K gold ring with diamonds and a silver ring. 
My last hour was spent inside the water, to see if anything of value had made its way into the water from the bulldozed sand. 
I recovered several quarters, dimes and pennies, before finding another silver ring, cell phone and platinum band with diamonds. 

This beach is heavily sanded in, Im quite confident everything I recovered was found because the bulldozer moved the sand around. 
Anytime you see heavy equipment working on the beach, you have a great opportunity to find jewelry or coins. 
This is the second time in the last year I have recovered gold and platinum on a tourist beach thanks to bulldozers moving sand around on the beach.
The other side to this story is being willing and able to search different areas at a beach. 
Although the more expensive find came out of the water, it was more than likely pushed there from up in the dry sand. 
Heavy gold and platinum rings sink very fast up in the dry sand, especially in areas where large numbers of sun beds are put out in lines, or areas on the beach that many people walk over. 
You only have a short window of opportunity to recover this type of jewelry lost in the dry sand, before it is lost until beach erosion or heavy equipment gives you another shot at recovering it. 
Beach cleaning tractor turn around points, are another place where jewelry can be moved by heavy equipment from one area of the beach to another. 
The shallow water opposite many of these turn around points are often hot little jewelry hunting sites, especially when these areas are cut or eroded. 

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