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Thursday, January 1, 2015

Bread and butter finds

Every year I find a lot of platinum and gold wedding bands, I refer to them as "Bread & butter" finds. 
These are just a few of the ones I recovered in the last few months of 2014, easy to detect and lovely to hear clanking around in your scoop basket.

Wedding bands made from all types of metal are quite easy to find on tourist beaches, if you cover the ground correctly. 
Although they push the scrap pile higher,  I do not go out looking for platinum or gold wedding bands.
I prefer to search for smaller pieces of jewelry, and recover the easier to detect wedding bands I am fortunate enough to sweep my search coil over. 
My new years resolution last year was to put all my beach and water hunting efforts into recovering thin ladies rings and chains. 
It was no surprise that my ladies diamond ring count was up in 2014, thanks to using less discrimination and smaller search coils. 
While other beach and water hunters were toting big search coils to the beach, I pulled a George Costanza and went smaller. 
I still found my fair share of large wedding bands, even using smaller search coils, as target separation is often more important than target depth when searching for jewelry on tourist beaches. 
Gold chains, thin ladies rings and ear rings with stones in your pouch, are all signs that you are using good metal detecting techniques and using the right size search coil.
Another good sign you are firing on all cylinders is variety of jewelry finds, small, medium and large jewelry, coins of all denomination and size.
Searching a variety of sites leads to a variety of finds, but so does using different size search coils.
If you search heavily hunted beaches, try to forget about recovering deep targets in areas that are hunted day and night by full timers. 
Go for the harder to detect smaller jewelry, as you probably stand a good chance of finding larger easier to detect targets if any are in the area you are searching. 

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