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Monday, December 29, 2014

Tractors on the lower beach

My first diamond ring of 2014 came out of the water last February, with a little help from the local beach tractor driver. 
Tourist beaches with tractors that rake the beach can be a pain, especially when you are getting plenty of signals on the lower beach before dawn. 
A week before I found this 18K white gold ring with a 3/4 carat diamond, I watched a tractor demolish a nice cut and push the sand from the cut down towards the water. 

I could not return until the next weekend to this beach,  walking onto the beach I saw no visible signs to what had taken place the previous weekend. 
The lower beach was sanded in, but just inside the water I quickly became busy scooping lots of coins and a few pieces of silver jewelry. 
I am pretty sure everything I was recovering in the water had been pushed in off the beach at that location. 
I liken the lower beach to a sandy conveyor belt, coins and jewelry move onto and off the beach by way of the tides, or in this case with a little help from the beach tractor driver. 
If you see a tractor or bulldozer moving sand around on the lower beach, always check out the area on the beach. 
Dont forget to also check out the water opposite, just in case anything of value has been pulled off the sandy conveyor belt and is waiting for you to detect and scoop up. 

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