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Monday, October 13, 2014

Learning on the job

I like to believe I am always learning and evolving as a beach treasure hunter, open to different things and not standing still. 
I just could not imagine using the same metal detector at the beach, the same way, in the same area all the time. 
Versatility and the ability to change, are hopefully two of my strongest assets as a beach and water hunter. 
Every year I come across many different situations at the beach, certain things that may cause me to rethink my beach and water hunting strategy and run with something different for a while.
It could also be after trying a new metal detector or search coil, or simply a beach I had never tried before.
If you look at photos I post on the internet, you will see photos taken in the water, on the wet sand and up on the dry sand. 
I use different metal detectors, different size search coils, and search many different beach sites. 
Every year I recover a variety of finds and this year has been no exception,  with a heathy mix of modern and old finds. 
This year I learned a couple of good tricks that allowed me to recover a few metal detecting firsts, some of these finds I will reveal towards the end of the year. 
Earlier in the year I picked up a good trick on a beach with large rocks, I was able to detect above the rocks using my a very large search coil and still recover the targets I was searching for. 
You could say I used the large search coil to find shallow targets trapped in the rocks. 
In a six week period over the summer I used small search coils to recover 6 ounces of gold jewelry from  difficult to detect areas, in places other beach and water hunters disregard. 
My internet find posts are often followed with the questions, what metal detector or search coil was you using, and where on the beach did you recover them?
Of course, I get more than my fair share of beach and water hunters crying about my finds, but that comes with the territory. 
If you do the same things over and over again, you are probably going to get the same results over and over again. 
That is not a good thing for a beach or water hunter searching for jewelry and coins, adapting and changing techniques prevent long periods of not finding anything at all. 
When is the last time you tried a different beach or water hunting technique? 

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