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Thursday, October 9, 2014

Good foundations

Becoming a consistent jewelry or coin hunter is like building a house from the ground up. 
You cannot start building by adding the roof and interior decorations first,  you must start by creating a solid foundation to support the structure. 
Similarly, a jewelry or coin hunter must establish that foundation in technique before adding tricks or short cuts. 
In my opinion, the foundation you build is what leads to success in beach and water hunting. 
Far too many beach and water hunters look for short cuts when looking to build themselves into jewelry or coin hunters. 
You only have to look at internet metal detecting forums, to see how many people are willing to bypass building foundations to get ahead.
Wanting to know what metal detector will magically find gold without having to learn how to use it, advanced settings, hooked up with sites etc. 
There are no short cuts to jewelry or coin hunting success,  the foundation you build on is the only path to becoming a successful jewelry or coin hunter. 
When I consistently recover jewelry like these rings in this photograph,  they drive the local beach and water hunting competition nuts. 

My secret, I just stick to the basics, no short cuts or racing around trying to beat other people to over hunted beaches. 
Slow and low,  technically sound, I go to the beach to recover jewelry, not cover ground. 
Are you building solid beach and water hunting foundations, or looking for a roofer and interior decorator ? 

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