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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Where to find lost jewelry and coins at the beach

The question of where the most jewelry is lost at the beach is a heated topic on the internet amongst beach and water hunters. 
I class myself as a beach and water hunter, so I guess I just answered my view on the subject. 
This topic gets just as heated as the "What is the best metal detector" arguments, with everyone trying to have the last word about their favorite metal detector. 
I know a good answer to that question also, it is the one you like and you are comfortable using. 
Water hunters tend to wear blinders when talking about jewelry hunting in the water, especially with the "Its all in the water" saying. 
Note to water hunter, if you only search in the water, that is the only place you will find jewelry! 
I am sure there are many Treasure Coast salvagers who would love to use a bulldozer on the beach to find all the Spanish treasure that is surely buried under the sandy beaches opposite Spanish wreck sites. 
My emerald treasure ring is an excellent example of it is not all in the water, I have modern diamond rings out the wazoo to prove that it is not all in the water. 
In my opinion, beach and water hunters will always find more jewelry than a person who only box hunts by searching one area at the beach all the time. 
Heres a couple of things to consider if you believe the hype and only search with a metal detector in the water. 
People who visit the beach and cannot swim do not lose their jewelry in the water, if they are unlucky enough to lose jewelry it will be lost on the beach. 
People who remove and hide their jewelry in shoes or clothing before going swimming, do not lose their jewelry in the water.
People fooling around on the beach, or using concession stands 100 years ago at the same beach, did not lose their jewelry or coins in the water. 
People playing volley ball, soccer, football, cart wheeling, or any other physical activity on the beach,  do not lose their jewelry and coins in the water. 
People playing with kids in the wet sand, do not lose their jewelry in the water. 
Narrow thinking is what causes local water hunters to get so hot under the collar about my jewelry finds,  spending more days and more hours in the water does not guarantee they get the same results as I do. 
It just means they waste more time, neglecting large productive areas because they are box hunters.
Versatility is an under used word in beach and water hunting,  versatile beach and water hunters using versatile metal detectors are hard to beat, especially on heavily hunted beaches. 
I was not sitting at home waiting for the water to calm down back after a nor'easter in 2011,  I was out on the beach with my Minelab Sovereign GT scooping this beautiful 1836 gold coin up off the beach. 

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