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Saturday, August 30, 2014

Reading the beach and water, logical treasure hunting.

So many things about metal detecting on the beach and water have to do with understanding conditions and using logic.
I wrote two books that can help you to better understand how to read the beach and water, and how to use your noggin when it comes to beach and water hunting.
I get a lot of positive feedback from people who have read both books, saying they have helped readers to get a ahead of the learning curve.
Many seasoned beach and water hunters have also complimented me on the "Hardcore Beach Hunting" book, I guess they are finally coming over to the dark side lol!
Jewelry and coin hunting the same tired way, using the same metal detector settings, even the same metal detector at the same beach every time can and will lead to beach and water hunting mediocrity.
Just a little variation from your beach or water hunting routine can make a difference, it has for me just lately and lead to an increase in platinum and gold jewelry recovered. 
I normally never hit the same are twice, but I have been returning to recently hunted areas finding more platinum and gold jewelry. 
I have been doing this to take advantage of rough surf conditions that have opened up two productive sites to both beach and water hunting, something explained in detail in the "How to Read the Beach & Water" book. 
Some of my favorite metal detecting finds were recovered from these two areas several years ago, its been a while since they have opened up, but I am taking advantage of the opportunity provided by mother nature.
This heavy 1/2 ounce platinum band was recovered in the wet sand using my Minelab CTX 3030.

Of course, if I shared my favorite sites with other beach and water hunters, I could kiss the productive site goodbye, something I detail in the "Hardcore Beach hunting" book.
Over the weekend I will return to the sites and I know I have a good chance of finding more platinum, gold, or silver jewelry.
How's that for confidence, another thing you need plenty of to be a successful jewelry hunter. 
Little things can make a big difference, especially on heavily hunted beaches,  acting on those little differences will separate a good treasure hunter from an average treasure hunter. 
Average beach and water hunters will carry on searching the same way regardless, good treasure hunters adapt to changing conditions and changing beaches. 
My name is Gary Drayton and I approve this treasure hunting message, books available on my website at

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