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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Well known beach and water hunter's.

If you go to the same beach and metal detect the same areas every time you go metal detecting, you are going to be well known, but probably not for finding jewelry and coins.
When you have been beach or water hunting for a few years, you get to see people searching the same sites all the time. 
You also get to see many other beach or water hunter's show up to metal detect two hours before low tide, I can set my clock to some local beach and water hunter's. 
My platinum, gold and diamond finds from yesterday, show that there is jewelry and coins to find on almost any beach you take your metal detector to. 

These three gold rings add up to a combined weight of 0.6 ounce, a good return in scrap gold for a three hour water hunt.  The platinum and diamond ring (not in photo) has to be worth several thousand dollars, an upcoming appraisal will verify that. 
I never saw another person metal detecting yesterday morning, probably because everyone else with a metal detector headed to the same place everyone else is seen metal detecting on a sunday morning. 
It still amazes me how people ignore small and less crowded beaches, especially on the weekend when most weekend warriors like myself are out metal detecting. 
If you are well known for searching the same beach site all the time, maybe todays blog will spur you to venture out and be less well known.
I have been moving around trying new beaches a lot this year, mainly due to poor beach hunting conditions on my favorite old Spanish shipwreck beaches. 
The few times I have been to popular tourist beach sites in south Florida, I saw the same faces searching the same sites, joined by many more people than before. 
Beach and water hunting is very monkey see, monkey do, meaning everyone wants to hunt the same areas, use the same metal detector, wear the same detecting gear and hope that gold will follow. 
It unfortunately does not work that way,  treasure is where you find it, not at the same place every time. 
The same applies to the wet sanders walking that straight line at low tide, or the water hunter's with the navy seal look walking the straight line in the deepest water every low tide. 
You have to mix things up,  and put some variety in your treasure hunting life to find jewelry and coins on a regular basis. 
So many beaches, so little time, far too much coastline to follow the metal detecting crowd to the same beach fighting over scraps. 

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