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Saturday, July 26, 2014

Beach markers

I use many different markers to keep watch on sand levels on all my favorite beach and water hunting sites.
It is pretty amazing how much sand can pile up on Florida east coast beaches during the summer time. 
I visited a couple of my favorite beach and water hunting sites this past week, not to metal detect,  just to see what the beaches look like.
My metal detecting time is very limited during the summer months, my kids are off school and spending time with my beautiful daughters comes first.
On one beach we visited it was hard to imagine the large concrete dock that was visible on the lower beach only a fewer months earlier.
It is now covered over with at least two feet of sand, no more musket balls and bronze Spanish galleon spikes are coming off this lower beach until the fall.
The intention of this blog is to show you why your local beach knowledge is so important over the long run.
A beach hunter visiting this beach for the first time, may decide it looks bad and never return.
A local beach hunter with long term knowledge of the same beach will look at the beach differently.
They know when a local beach is more likely to be productive, knowledge  of your local beaches is often the master key to unlocking and finding treasures when the time is right.
Beaches in my area change much slower during the summer months, they stay in the same sand building pattern until the winter months, unless a coastal storm or unusually rough surf effects them. 
During the winter months when less sand is on the beach, is the best time to locate and record lower beach markers.
Concrete pilings, boulders, coral ledges, etc are all excellent beach markers to base sand levels on. 
Fishing pier pilings are another good way to check sand levels,  I look for several different markers on piers in my area to help identify any sand movement that may have occurred.
Use beach markers to help you decide if it is best to beach or water hunt when you go metal detecting.
Although I like to search all three areas of a beach, wet sand, dry sand & water, I  base my decisions on various beach indicators ( markers) before beginning metal detecting.
there is always something to learn when you go to the beach without metal detecting. 
Tomorrow I intend to search a few places where I saw people congregating in the water earlier in the week. 
Yes even people using the beach can be used as markers to locate jewelry or coins, I will hopefully find out tomorrow. 
I will use this heavy gold coin ring with diamonds found a few years ago at the same beach as motivation. 

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