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Friday, July 18, 2014

Old beach entrances

Although I find my fair share of bling on the beaches of south Florida, I really enjoy finding old coins.
These old US coins were found a couple of years ago on the beach opposite an old beach walkway.

The beach was eroded back to the dune line, and I found these coins in an area I had discovered several years earlier.
I run across interesting beach sites because I try many different beaches every year. 
The more beaches you try, the more chances you have of finding long forgotten beach entrances.
Just like todays beach entrances, old beach entrances are great places to find lots of coins and jewelry.
Many old beach entrances were closed to make way for beachside construction, houses, condos or hotel development.
Old beach entrances from the days before beach and water hunting became a popular hobby like it is today.
When you find old beach entrances, you may have to wait until some form of beach erosion occurs before you can find old gold and silver.
That is exactly what happened to me a couple of years ago, when Davy Jones locker opened up at an old beach entrance I had been keeping an eye on for several years.
I still have the old gold rings in the bank safety deposit box, to remind me why I like old beach entrances.
Beach hunters who go to the same beaches all the time, are highly unlikely to run across long forgotten beach entrances.
I have discovered many interesting beach sites through research, sometimes in unexpected ways.
Old aerial photos of  beaches are an excellent way of finding old beach entrances.
You can spot early parking lots, paths, or walkways leading to the beach on old aerial photos.
Pay close attention to buildings or houses that used to be located opposite the beach, people would have used the beach directly opposite.
Look for gravel roads or tracks leading to the beach, compare old and new aerial shots of the same beach.
Many times old beach entrances are several blocks from the site of modern beach entrances.
Old inlets and fishing piers can often be seen on vintage photos or postcards, many inlets change through the years due to coastal storms.
Whether you do the leg work, or the research,  old beach entrances and their old coins and jewelry await beach hunters when they open up.
 Finding them is the easy part, having the patience to wait for the wind and waves to open up the area is the hard part. 

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