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Friday, June 6, 2014

No way finds.

If you are not stuck "Box hunting" and doing the same things all the time, you get to say "No way!" more than the competition.
I am a big fan of searching different areas of the beach and water, and using different search techniques.
This 18K gold rope chain with diamond cross pendant was found in about a foot of water close to shore. 

I could have easily passed the site by, but there was just something about this wide shallow area between the deeper water and lower beach telling me to try my luck. 
The area is close to where I recovered several pieces of jewelry this past weekend.
I believe many beach and water hunters overlook this kind of shallow area in there eagerness to search waist to chest deep water, or walk along the wet sand from point A to point B. 
Jewelry and coins are lost, or get moved to many different areas on the beach or water. 
Contrary to what most beach or water hunters think, jewelry is not lost in the same depth of water or mysteriously waiting for them in that straight line in the wet sand. 
Just because the water is only a foot deep, it does not mean there are no pieces of lost jewelry waiting to be scooped up. 
No freaking way!  was my initial reaction to this gold chain draped over my scoop, especially on such a heavily hunted south Florida beach. 
It was not even a "Fresh drop" , as I recovered several green encrusted quarters in the same area, a few days of rough surf had rearranged the lower beach and at first glance the beach and shallow water looked sanded in. 
Walking further and further away from the main beach entrance, the sand close to shore turned from mush to firm and obviously this area was past many local water hunters turn around points. 
I made a point of walking to this area last weekend, I suspect there was an old beach access point or parking lot close to where the gold chain came from. 
If you want to recover more "No way!" finds, you have to think outside and look outside the box.
One of my favorite things to do is day dream between the quiet times when beach or water hunting, and that helps to keep me motivated. 
Will my next signal be an expensive piece of jewelry? A nice find someone lost away from the where other beach and water hunters assume they used the beach. 
I try to put myself in places that I know many other beach or water hunters have ignored, because I know my search coil is probably the first one covering that patch of sand. 
No way someone lost that there, they probably did but you will never know unless you look there. 

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