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Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Using different size search coils to suit the beach or water hunting conditions

If you want to be a versatile beach or shallow water hunter capable of searching any area, you have to use the correct size search coils. 
I have always preferred to own at least one beach or water hunting machine that allows me to change search coils. 
On my Minelab CTX 3030 I use three different size search coils to cover any beach or shallow water hunting situation I may run across. 
I even have my spare search coils already mounted on lower rods, to make changing search coils even faster. 
Although the 11-inch search coil is great for most beach and water hunting situations, you need a little extra help when searching rocky areas and wide open beaches. 
The 17 X 13-inch search coil is a monster coil that is both deep on large targets and sensitive on small shallow targets, the large search coil gives me excellent ground coverage on wide open beaches when searching for Spanish treasure.
When you cover more ground on less trashy beaches, you increase your chances of detecting and recovering good targets. 
A metal detecting harness is a good investment if you intend to frequently use a larger and heavier search coil. 
When ground coverage is not important, my 6-inch search coil is unbeatable in rocky areas, where other jewelry hunters have to pass around or move away from.

You can also search closer to sun beds, or large ferrous objects on the beach using a small search coil. 
A small size search coil is excellent for getting around and in between rocks on the lower beach, or inside the water. 
If you are bobbing and fanning for targets over rocks inside the water, pinpointing targets is a breeze with a small search coil.
The more accurately and faster you can locate and recover targets, the more energy you will save when beach or water hunting with a small search coil.
In prime treasure hunting conditions,  the person who can change search coils has the advantage.  

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