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Friday, April 4, 2014

A good reason to ignore the beach or water hunting competition

A few years back I had my best morning for gold chains, finding two gold chains weighing a little over 4 ounces in total weight.  
One of the gold chains had diamonds in the links and on the cross pendant, the gold chain in this photo is 36 inches long.

This photo should serve as a good reason not to get frustrated or dismayed if you arrive at the beach and there are several other beach or water hunters already metal detecting in the area. 
I already had a 1.5 ounce 18K gold chain encrusted in diamonds in my finds pouch, when I arrived at my second and last stop before heading home on a Saturday morning.

Four water hunters from the local metal detecting club were already searching opposite the main stretch of tourist beach when I got into the water to metal detect. 
It was obvious to me that the other water hunters were a group and trying to cover as much ground as possible. 
I was squeezed into the shallow water close to shore and I only got one signal, the 2.6 ounce yard of gold in the photograph. 
Over four ounces of gold in less than 4 hours of water hunting,  was certainly a good morning for gold chains. 
I could have easily walked off the second beach because of the competition, but I decided to give it a try anyway. 
Never give up on a beach because you see other beach or water hunters already metal detecting, all it takes is one good signal to be a successful hunt. 

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