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Saturday, February 15, 2014

Help with finding gold chains

Gold chains and bracelets are notoriously difficult to detect, but there are ways you can increase your chances of finding them. 
Many beach and shallow water hunters only find gold chains and bracelets when they have pendants attached, or they have large clasps. 
As you can see by the gold chains and bracelets in this photograph, you can find gold chains and bracelets without pendants and large clasps. 

I use various Minelab metal detectors, and I use a very slow sweep speed and keep my search coil level through-out the search coil sweeping process.  
Most of the gold chains ands bracelets in my hand were found using a minimal amount of discrimination,  also proving you do not have to be in an all metals mode to find gold chains.  
Sweeping your search coil and not moving forward until you have completed your sweep, will prevent you from walking over gold chains because you will have a chance of hearing signals from gold chains.
Many beach and shallow water hunters do not find gold chains because gold chains do not always respond with a two way repeatable signal. 
A gold chain may just be a quick low tone "Burp" and it may take you one or two slow search coil passes over the chain to detect it again. 
The keys to finding gold chains on the beach and in the water, are giving your metal detector a chance to detect them and trusting in your audio tones. 
I found two of these gold chains a couple of years ago on a full moon low tide, on one night hunt at a local tourist beach.
I was using my usual slow methodical east to west search pattern, on the lower beach with several other people metal detecting in the area. 
Gold chains and bracelets are still going to be difficult to detect, but not impossible to find. 

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