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Monday, November 4, 2013

Reading the beach and shallow water

This really nice chunk of platinum and diamonds was found inside the water on Saturday morning, because of beach reading skills. 

When you metal detect on the beach and in the shallow water, beach reading skills often lead to water hunting success. 
I chose to search a beach that was off the beaten track, a small beach with a hidden access gate used by timeshare vacationers staying across the road opposite the beach. 
It was quite a hike to the nearest beach entrance, but as you can see from my photo it was well worth the exercise.
I noticed an old cut just past the area I had intended to search,  metal detecting on the slope below the old cut I recovered many clad coins. 
I knew from past experience there was a high probability of more coins and jewelry being found in the water opposite the cut. 
The first drop off inside the water was very sanded in, no doubt from all the sand dragged off the beach when the erosion first occurred. 
A little further offshore the area was very rocky, with many coins scattered in the rocks.
The platinum ring, an 18K gold band plus several pieces of silver and junk jewelry were recovered after fanning sand off the rock with my hand and foot.
This story just goes to show that you can still take advantage of beach erosion, even when the erosion happened a week or two earlier. 
Old cuts are often filled in with the same sand that was washed away when the cut was first created. 
Sometimes leaving valuable jewelry behind for enterprising water hunters. 

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