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Saturday, November 2, 2013

High tide hunting in the dark

I planned to water hunt this morning at a remote beach entrance that I know is not heavily hunted.
I left the house early and swung by a popular tourist beach to see if I could find anything washed up in the high tide line,  I did find a gold ear ring washed up below the high tide line.
When I search tourist beaches after hours, I like to use a head lamp to scan the towel line just above the previous high tide mark.
This morning I saw a few dry sanders high up on the beach,  but I had the high tide line all to myself.
I found a $140.00 ladies Armani watch with the price sticker still attached to the back of the watch.
No great shakes but it could just as easily of been a more expensive watch taken off and left in sand.
Many times when searching high tide lines you can eyeball finds before your search coil has a chance of picking them up if you use a head lamp.
After the sun came up I had a productive early morning shallow water hunt, finding platinum, gold and diamonds.
If I was a box hunter who only water hunted, I would not have searched the lower beach and found a gold ear ring and the watch.
Many beach hunters never bother to search the beach on a high tide,  preferring instead to show up two hours before the low tide.
Buy yourself a headlamp and get into the habit of searching the beach after hours, especially for the high tide.
You may be surprised how much jewelry you can find when you are forced into searching a much narrower strip of lower beach.

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