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Thursday, October 10, 2013

Ugly beach hunting

I refer to metal detecting at off the beaten track beaches as "Ugly beach hunting" 
You can discover some pretty cool metal detecting finds on the beach and in the shallow water at out of the way beaches. 
The majority of beach and shallow water hunters flock to the same beach sites every week,  many local beach hunters do not find anything but still return to the same site week after week. 
You run the risk of not finding anything on heavily hunted beaches, why not take a chance on an out of the way beach. 
You may go home empty handed more often, but once you do start to find jewelry or coins at an ugly beach site you usually have the place all to yourself. 
Of course, it is not a good idea to tell everyone about your new site after you have taken the time to find and search it thoroughly.  
I search many little out of the way beaches, places I hardly ever see another person metal detecting.
One of the reasons I spend so much time researching and hunting ugly beaches is I am not afraid to strike out. 
In my opinion, the thrill of finding an old coin or piece of gold jewelry is sweeter when your research and persistence pays off, even if it does happen less often on out of the way beaches. 
I find Spanish treasure coins,  old US relics, and modern gold jewelry far away from sites you would expect to find them. 
The more sites you search, the more variety you will have in your metal detecting finds. 
You can only go so far relying on lady luck,  go out and make your own luck if you want to find on a regular basis. 
This  $3500.00 1 carat diamond ring was found on the beach opposite a little beach entrance,  far away from the nearest condo or house. 

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