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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Follow your instincts

Sometimes it is tough out there and you have to rely on your instincts to beat "Sanded in" conditions.
Last week I only had one chance to metal detect for a few hours on Sunday morning.
I have been finding gold jewelry on my recent short beach and shallow water hunting outings, but I had to rely on my instincts to keep my gold streak going on Sunday morning. 
My early morning hunt was looking like a wash out, I had not found anything on the beach in the dark at low tide and the sun was rising.
I decided my best chance of finding gold was to spend my final hour in the water.
I know my local beaches are hammered over the weekend, but sometimes it is not possible to search everywhere.
The jet ski rental site had not opened and I figured my best shot was in the water before anyone arrived to set the rental area up for business. 
The area between the jet ski rental buoys is off limits during the day time.
Both the beach and shallow water were sanded in badly, but when you are searching for "Fresh drops" sanded in conditions are not important. 
My strategy worked and my gold streak is still alive, thanks to this 18K gold grill and a handful of quarters. 

You always have a chance of finding gold or silver jewelry when easy to detect targets like quarters are in an area.
Maximize your metal detecting time by searching less hunted areas if you can.
Sometimes the obvious place to search on the beach is not always the most crowded area. 

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