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Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Stop, look and listen

Heres a tip that has put many a piece of treasure in my finds pouch, both old and modern.
When you go to the beach to metal detect, who says you have to walk to another area to find something good?
I see it all the time, beach and water hunters walking onto beaches and heading north or south to get to an area and ignoring beach entry points.
These Spanish silver reales from the late 1600s, early 1700s, were found on two different beaches along the Treasure Coast of Florida, the small silver reales were all recovered opposite or very close to beach entry points.

The same thing happens on the tourist beaches of south Florida, beach or water hunters ignoring beach access points.
Beach and water hunting is very monkey see, monkey do, especially on heavily hunted beaches.
Most heavily hunted beaches will have a few areas along the beach were regular local hunters desperately rush to, in a vain attempt to search the "hot spot" before other local hunters show up.
Sloppily sweeping over good ground just to get to the most heavily hunted areas makes no treasure hunting sense at all.
Here are two large gold rings gold, adding up to a combined weight of one ounce of gold.  
I recovered last year from right outside a beach entrance, instead of walking a hundred yards down the beach to the local hot spot where two guys were already searching.

I posted a previous blog about gold often being found right back where you started out searching. 
Both blogs have a connection, because that place you started out searching is often the beach entrance. 
It may surprise you to know that on heavily hunted beaches, the most ignored area on the beach is the place everyone cannot wait to walk away from. 

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