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Monday, August 5, 2013

Positive thinking

Sometimes treasure hunting is a grind, whether it is searching for old treasure or hunting for modern gold jewelry.
It helps if you have a positive attitude and a hardcore treasure hunting style, going beach or shallow water hunting whenever and however.
Your time will come and the big find will eventually be under your search coil if you stay positive and keep your eye on the prize.
I attract a lot of negativity from other local beach and water hunters who are obviously not so positive.
While I am on the beach and in the water working hard to put my search coil over gold,  less positive people spread idle gossip and false rumors on the internet metal detecting forums.
Whining about which metal detector I am using or how it is not possible to make good finds on a regular basis.
That is why negative "keyboard beach hunters" stay on the hamster wheel, no positive treasure hunting attitudes and trying to be top dog on the forums instead of top dog on the beach.
These metal detecting finds in this photograph are what drive me on to the next find.

The modern gold was found in the water, the old finds on the beach, all recovered over the last few years.
I hope after seeing this photograph it motivates you to go beach or shallow water hunting.
These kind of metal detecting finds are out there, all you have to do is think positive, stay motivated and of course put your search coil over them.
You can measure a hard working, positive thinking treasure hunter by their treasure finds. 
Set the bar high, go to the beach with a positive attitude and use other peoples treasure finds to motivate you. 
Motivation in beach treasure hunting is a powerful thing, it is one of the reasons I never show my finds to strangers on the beach. 
A treasure hunter with a positive attitude may use that find as motivation to return to the same site and find something good.  

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