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Saturday, July 6, 2013

Towel line finds

Do not forget the dry sand when finds slow down in the wet sand or shallow water.
I recently got a little over zealous on the water hunting and forgot just how productive the towel line can be, until returning home  early this morning with two pieces of gold jewelry after changing tactics.  A 14K gold necklace and 18K gold band, courtesy of my CTX 3030 and the towel line.

The beauty of the towel line is that you never know what will show up in your scoop, finds like this 1887 Morgan dollar found a couple of years ago on a popular south Florida tourist beach. 

It was probably taken to the beach by a kid as play money, this is not the first time I have I found old play money on the beach. 
I remember finding three mint condition 1920s silver dimes in one scoop a few years before finding the old silver dollar.
The towel line is a busy area on the beach, why would you not want to search one of the beach hot spots.
Early morning beach hunting is one of the best times for searching the towel line, especially on tourist beaches with nightclubs or bars in the area. 
Using a headlamp before the sun rises will help you to see any good targets left behind by courting couples and party animals a few hours earlier. 
The main items found along the towel line in the early morning hours are sunglasses, watches, cameras, cell phones, wallets, jewelry and keys.  This 10K gold grill is a more recent dry sand find.

 I have found and returned many cellphones, wallets, cameras, car keys etc to happy but groggy people thankful that I tracked them down or gave their belongings to the local lifeguard. 
Hopefully you get the point of todays blog entry, there is a ton of stuff lost along the towel line, including gold and silver jewelry.
A water hunter or wet sander who never searches the dry sand is missing out by box hunting.
The next time you hear someone complaining about the beach being sanded in, you will realize that they are most probably a water hunter or wet sander. 

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